Hannah Turner

Faith in God and all aspects of the outdoors are Hannah’s driving passions in life. She grew up with an older brother trekking through the woods with him and her parents discovering the true meaning of the outdoors. She tracked deer with her family starting at the age of 2 and began fishing not long after that. She killed her first deer at the age of 9 and her first bear at 18. She has killed dozens of deer since then but one of her greatest hunting passions is chasing elk with a bow. She has tournament bass fished with her dad since age 16 and has been blessed with the opportunity to fish many big lakes including Lake Okeechobee, Lake Ontario and, her favorite, Lake Erie. She also enjoys hunting small game, especially coon hunting. She currently has two trophy class coon hounds with her brother and has competition hunted multiple states with success including placing 4th in the West Virginia State hunt. In 2014, she had the opportunity to go on a life changing mission trip to Tecate, Mexico where she helped build a water system for a children’s orphanage. She graduated high school in 2010 and turned down multiple offers to play college basketball and instead decided to focus on pursuing her college degree. She graduated college in December 2013 Magma Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Soon after that she discovered that a 9 to 5 job wasn’t what she was looking for and she knew where her heart really was. She has been blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime to do what she loves and share her passions with others. Her goal is to see more young people and their families carry on the tradition of hunting and share her love for God and the outdoors with others. She has 10 years of guiding experience.

  Kevin Turner

Hunting across North America is his claim to fame. Kevin has hunted in four different providences in Canada with six different outfitters. He has also hunted in the states of WV, VA, PA, CO, NM, SC, ID, IL, KS, and MO with five different outfitters, but he mostly guided himself for these hunts. Kevin has been guiding in Illinois for 16 years. He has had a lot of experience hunting for outfitters, good and not so good. Because of this, he knows what kind of service and guiding Holy Pursuit Outfitters should have. It is his goal for HPO to be one of the best outfitters in the business. Kevin is a valuable member to the HPO team. 

  Shiloh Turner​ 

Hunting and faith are his driving passions in life. Shiloh started hunting with his father at a very young age. His passion as a youth was to spend every minute he could in the woods. Shiloh killed his first deer at the age of 6 and his first bear at 12. He graduated high school in 2004 and turned down a chance to play college football for the opportunity to pursue his passion to hunt and to start his own business. He has been blessed to have opportunities to hunt all over North America for different species. Since then, he has developed a real passion for whitetail and elk hunting. His success with whitetails have included bucks with a bow scoring 142", 148", 158", 160", and a 193". He has had success with elk, as well, killing 7 bulls with the top bulls scoring 333", 340", 345" and 378". He has had 18 years of guiding experience for whitetail and elk, and he was blessed with the opportunity to turn his passion into his dream profession. His goal is to treat every hunter as he wanted to be treated when hunting with an outfitter. By seeing first hand the good and bad experiences he had with outfitters, along with his knowledge of hunting trophy animals, he aims to provide every client with the hunting experience of a lifetime.